Category "HDBs"

Edgefield Plains 4-room BTO

June 10, 2016
Owners saw our works on Pinterest and visited two of our completed projects before engaging us. The main highlight was the kitchen with a concealed concrete structure for the sink to blend in perfectly with the kitchen carpentry.

Fernvale Link 5-room BTO [3]

June 8, 2016
This BTO is a of extremely raw industrial theme, complete with some customised details that is littered all over the unit. GI industrial piping were used as decoratives throughout the space. New vinyl flooring were installed throughout the living and 3 bedrooms. The centrepiece is an open kitchen with erect hollow blocks for a dry Kompacplus island top and custom black aluminium chicken mesh double leaf doors.

Trivelis DBSS [3]

June 1, 2016
As a trained interior specialist, the Mister had many bold and interesting ideas to spruce up the space and make it a home unique to them. It was also a great opportunity for the team to rise up to the challenges and demands from someone in the industry. A bold decision was made to move fridge out of the kitchen to free up more cooking area for the Missus. The customized barn door hides the storage shelves and white board for messages. A movable oven unit with matching solid surface and laminates was also customized. We love how the colors of the furniture and the fridge offer vibrant and chic energy.

Sin Ming Drive 5-room HDB

May 31, 2016
This 5-room point block unit was overhauled with updated tiles, false ceiling, doors, carpentry, electrical, painting, cove and plumbing. A black/white theme was created, accented by wood trimmings and a touch of masculinity, with bold borders and outlines.

Yishun Ave 1 4-room BTO

October 27, 2015

In partnership with Donn Koh studios, floors were re-tiled and cabinets were customized. The room adjacent to the living room was deliberately modified to allow access on two sides, creating a little fun playground fit for adults.

Trivelis DBSS [2]

October 27, 2015

The owner chanced upon one of our projects and was interested to install Craftstone at their love nest. From there, the team was also engaged to add touches of carpentry, electrical and paint work as highlights for their new home.