Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

A simple act of kindness goes a long way.

19 March 2013

The Gracehaven Home for Children and Young Persons off Lorong Napiri was hoping to raise $100,000 for the Home through sales of tickets for an annual carnival. Z L Construction responded to the call for support through an alternative proposal – an offer to improve the Home’s environment in the field of their expertise.

The Home had 3 planter areas of half height shrubs that were a source of water stagnation and mosquito breeding. The chief superintendent hoped to convert these areas into concrete grounds to create more usable play space and a pick up point for the children when their guardians come to pick them up.

The greatest challenge of the job turned out to be less than technical: our 5 men on the job had to manually carry the mixed cement from the parking area into the working compound bucket by bucket close to a hundred times as the internal compound is meant for the Home’s daily activities and could not site the working materials.

However, we were blessed with wonderful weather which allowed our heroes to complete the works in 6 days, way ahead of the initial estimate of 7-10 days for these 3 areas which added up to approximately the size of a badminton court. The work also attracted the enthusiasm of some of the youths to help out with the loose soil removal and allowed them to appreciate the hard work behind completed infrastructure that they had mostly taken for granted.

Z L Construction would like to show their appreciation to the Home for generously providing beverages and lunches, and setting up a tent for the workers to rest during the working period.

Following this inaugural CSR project, Z L Construction hopes to work with Gracehaven in future by involving their youths in bricklaying works or other projects as a way to impart the younger generation some practical skills and knowledge.

Home Improvement Project for SPD Beneficiary

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