Besides being contractors and interior designers, we are mind readers too. Here are some questions we know you want to ask us.


​No, we do not have renovation packages as we believe every renovation project is unique. Surely every home owner wishes for a home that looks different from their neighbours. Hence we customize designs and works to suit every individual’s needs.​

In view of fluctuations in material pricings and market trends, the maximum duration that we can hold the rates is 6 months. This is also in sync with our ISO protocol where we recommend discussion to commence about 6 months prior to key collection.

We use only genuine materials from ICI Dulux and Nippon, hence our prices are pegged to the prices published on their websites. We do not compromise quality and health by using sub-standard, inferior or alternative materials.


It is compulsory for a business in Singapore to be GST-registered when its taxable turnover exceeds S$1 million per year. We view our GST status as a testimony that we have provided value-added services, quality workmanship and service excellence to all our customers. We are sorry that we are unable to waive off GST.

Currently, we accept only cash, cheque and bank transfers.

ZLC has legal tie-ups with several banks for loans. Do enquire for more details.


Detailed 3D drawings are only provided upon client’s confirmation (endorsed quotation + deposit received).

We are aware that many firms out there offer 3D drawings at the onset of discussions, but such blanket drawings tend to not fulfil clients’ requirements and needs. Hence at ZLC, we only develop personalized detailed drawings which include 3D renderings, electrical plans and ceiling plans, after thorough discussions with clients. In rare scenarios whereby clients decide not to continue with ZLC thereafter, they are able to take away soft copies of all drawings in PDF.

We trust that this is a more efficient method to provide clients with customized practical solutions.

We recommend that you do some homework. You may refer to magazines or the internet (design blogs, pinterest, forums etc) and show us a copy of the decor and designs that appeal to you. This will help us to determine the feel of your intended space. Our design team will develop drawings and renderings based on your preference and pointers. We will also recommend laminate and paint colours accordingly.

Project Management

There is a Project Manager (PM) assigned to every project. This PM will handle the entire project from inception to completion. Therefore, clients only interface with this PM, except for situations such as PM on leave, reservist or is unavailable. In cases where in-depth discussions are required, specialists for various works may be called in (e.g. running of air con ducting to fulfil certain needs, construction of special structures where CG may be challenged).

We pride ourselves to be technical experts – construction managers with interior design capabilities. Hence, practicality takes precedence in our approach, followed by aesthetics. This ensures that your renovated space does not end up flamboyant or pretty but does not serve its intended purpose. Such honest advices are valued by many clients over the years. Our construction expertise also allows us to anticipate site issues, with strong command and control in costing, scheduling and works sequencing.