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Sin Ming Drive 5-room HDB

May 31, 2016
This 5-room point block unit was overhauled with updated tiles, false ceiling, doors, carpentry, electrical, painting, cove and plumbing. A black/white theme was created, accented by wood trimmings and a touch of masculinity, with bold borders and outlines.

Grosvenor View Condominium

October 27, 2015

Through strong recommendations by a friend, the couple initially required only bare minimal works to their 2 bedroom unit. After an assessment and advice by the ZL team, the clients were extremely satisfied with the updated wood accented tiles with a clean ‘Muji’ theme.

Yishun Ave 1 4-room BTO

October 27, 2015

In partnership with Donn Koh studios, floors were re-tiled and cabinets were customized. The room adjacent to the living room was deliberately modified to allow access on two sides, creating a little fun playground fit for adults.

Trivelis DBSS [2]

October 27, 2015

The owner chanced upon one of our projects and was interested to install Craftstone at their love nest. From there, the team was also engaged to add touches of carpentry, electrical and paint work as highlights for their new home.

Trivelis DBSS [1]

October 27, 2015

In collaboration with Donn Koh Studios, the newly-weds were part of the trio of family which appointed the ZL team to undertake the renovation works of their 4-room DBSS unit.

Belvia DBSS

October 27, 2015

A young couple wanted to explore different spatial planning to give ample play space for their baby girl to toddle around. A bedroom wall was partitioned to combine with an adjacent study room and baby’s room for enlarged area. The entire flooring was also redone to allow for equal leveling and finishing. The shoe cabinet was customized with laminated front casement door panel, metal peforated sheet to resemble a barn.

Boon Tiong Road 5-room BTO [2]

October 27, 2015

A meticulous couple who sought us out from online reviews initially contracted the team just for floorings for the living area and 3 bedrooms. Overall white acrylic panels were installed in the bathrooms to replace existing mesh provided by HDB for a more updated look.

Boon Tiong Road 4-room BTO

September 6, 2015
A young married couple appointed the Z L team from positive online reviews. Eye catching floral tiles were chosen for the entrance. To create more storage space in the master bedroom, the team hacked an adjoining party wall between the master bedroom and the next room to reate a recess for a wardrobe and high unit.

Boon Tiong Road 5-room BTO [1]

September 6, 2015
By a referral, the newly weds appointed the ZL team because of our strength in Craftstone, but subsequently worked with us on their entire unit. The distinct features and materials utilised in this project adds yet another proud piece of work to our portfolio.