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Boon Tiong Road 4-room BTO

September 6, 2015
A young married couple appointed the Z L team from positive online reviews. Eye catching floral tiles were chosen for the entrance. To create more storage space in the master bedroom, the team hacked an adjoining party wall between the master bedroom and the next room to reate a recess for a wardrobe and high unit.

Boon Tiong Road 5-room BTO [1]

September 6, 2015
By a referral, the newly weds appointed the ZL team because of our strength in Craftstone, but subsequently worked with us on their entire unit. The distinct features and materials utilised in this project adds yet another proud piece of work to our portfolio.

Jurong West St 41 EM

September 6, 2015
A simply furnished unit with clean cut design and colours to create a cosy home for a professional couple and their child. A set of handrails and laminated glass panels are customized for the staircase.

Blossom Residences EC [2]

September 6, 2015
An old friend reconnected with us, with keen interest in Craftstone. The ZL team incorporated their collection of vodka bottles to be displayed against the installation, with thoughtful considerations to the grouting and lighting to complement the display and their overseas procured furniture.

Blossom Residences EC [1]

September 6, 2015
The couple with a toddler was looking to create a child friendly environment with as much storage and play space as possible for their little boy. Using wood and neutral whites, the ZL team customised a shoe cabinet and display shelvings, with a Craftstone feature wall across the living area. The centrepiece in the master bedroom is a storage cum platform bed with plenty of storage space.

Tampines Central 7 5-room BTO [3]

August 10, 2015

A couple of young professionals engaged the Z L team to work on their new home. The thoroughway from the living area to the cascading-style Craftstone centrepiece to the open kitchen gave a seamless and airy feel to a cosy home littered with bits and pieces of impactful colors and materials used.

Austville Residences EC

August 6, 2015

A teacher with a love for Transformers just had to custom a display cabinet to showcase his impressive collection – not just in the living area, but also in the study area with additional capacity to accommodate more in the future.

Seng Kang East Ave 5-room BTO [2]

August 4, 2015

A young couple looked to do up their place in a clean-cut and modern style. The result was a refreshing and consistent look that would make any new young families starting out proud of their modest home.

Fernvale Link 5-room BTO [1]

August 2, 2015

Owner contacted the Z L team after reading favourable feedback from the forums regarding our Craftstone installation, and though they had already appointed an ID, they nevertheless decided to separately appoint us to do up their Craftstone wall. We love how a Craftstone installation never fails to accentuate and add a touch of rustic feel to any room.