Authorized CraftStone® Installer

The only official and authorized installer of CraftStone® products in Singapore.

In September 2013, CraftStone® engaged ZLC to erect a feature wall at Lian Seng Hin Trading Co (Pte) Ltd, an established supplier of exquisite tiles well-known amongst contractors and designers.

This opportunity gave ZLC a chance to review the full range of CraftStone® products. Through this installation of over 30 types of CraftStone® products, ZLC gained in-depth understanding of each veneer tile’s characteristics and installation methods. ZLC is now even more confident to advise customers about any CraftStone® product to form the perfect masterpiece feature wall in any space. See here for more photos.


Create different atmospheres and vibes with CraftStone® by experimenting with the CraftStone®’s colours, grouting colours, grouting depth, and whether to layer on a finishing coat of paint. CraftStone® products are suitable for any parts of your homes, retail or office spaces.

ZLC imports special tools from USA and the crew specializes in CraftStone® tiling to give you that perfect wall you dream of.

Click on the projects below for more photos of how CraftStone® products can work for you.

BGW Guitars @ Bukit Timah Road
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