Shane Teng

Through a friend’s recommendation, my wife and I got to know Jake from ZLC for our housing renovation. We were extremely blessed to have him in the journey of our first home and let’s go back in time on our very first meeting. Knowing nothing about where to start for our renovation, Jake started by talking to us about our needs for our home. This is something that stands out as other IDs that we met started with budgets or design themes. We were very impressed by Jake as he read our minds and we connected right away when we got down to the actual details. During the renovation process, we had the ease of entrusting Jake and his team of excellent specialists to carry out our ideas to perfection. It is a two way street as we both were prompt with our responses and Jake always keeps us updated with details and on site pictures. Being working people this saved us lots of time as we need not be on site to supervise often. His team of specialists are very friendly and professional people, whom did took the extra mile to share with us knowledge to why certain things are done when we were on site to view the process. It was a great journey for us and when the renovation was completed we were extremely happy with the workmanship. It really exceeded our expectations which we are thankful for. All we want to say is that through this process, we forged a new friendship with Jake and definitely for any of our housing needs in future he is our go to guy!!! We strongly recommend ZLC and its team because you will be definitely in for a genuine and heart-felt experience! Thank you Jake and the ZLC team! 👍🏻👍🏻